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The Story


Miguel Sano grew up in poverty in the Dominican Republic with a big dream: to play in the Major Leagues.

Now only 20 years old he is one of the best baseball players in the world and is standing on the doorstep of the Big Leagues. But the path there has been far from the stuff of dreams.

A sequel to Ballplayer: Pelotero, The Miguel Sano Story tells the entire behind-the-scenes story of a star athlete’s rise from the Barrio to the Bigs. Filmed over five years, the documentary provides an intimate look at the transformative journey of a young Dominican superstar as he navigates the complexities and unseen dangers behind being baseball’s “next sure thing.”




Miguel Sano grew up in poverty in the Dominican Republic with a big dream: to one day play in the Major Leagues. Like hundreds of thousands of other young Dominican peloteros, he grew up watching Big Papi, Vladimir Guerrero and Pedro Martinez dominate the Major Leagues and dreamed of playing at their side.

Soon enough, Miguel dropped out of school in order to train full time for a chance to sign a coveted MLB contract. By age 15 he had become one of the top prospects in the Dominican Republic and was expected to sign for a record breaking $6 million signing bonus. Yet shortly thereafter accusations that he had lied about his true age conspired to end his promising career before it had even begun. Exhaustively chronicled in “Ballplayer: Pelotero”, this tumultuous period in Miguel’s life ultimately ended happily when he signed with the Minnesota Twins for $3.15 million in 2009.

Signed as a professional at 16, Miguel and his family’s life changed overnight with his windfall signing bonus. No longer desperately poor, Miguel was able to move his family into a large house and continue to support them as he was sent to play Minor League baseball in the United States. Without any knowledge of the language or culture, Miguel spent years traveling through small town America: from Tennessee to Wisconsin; from Florida to Connecticut; living with host families, and spending months on end away from his friends and family. Yet his baseball game has prospered, and with each passing year he has grown closer to his ultimate goal: the Major Leagues.

In 2013, he hit a combined 35 home runs between class A and class AA ball. In the offseason he plays Dominican Winter League ball for his hometown team, the Estrellas Orientales from San Pedro de Macorís. In March 2014 Miguel made his Major League Spring Training Camp debut, but midway suffered an elbow injury resulting in Tommy John surgery.  Miguel will have his first shot to make the Major League Club in 2015.

“The Miguel Sano Story” is the chronicle of these years. For the first time on film, the entire behind the scenes story of a potential superstar athlete’s rise to the pros is told in intimate detail.




Jonathan Paley, Ross Finkel, and Trevor Martin moved down to the Dominican Republic in 2009 for nine months to shoot Ballplayer: Pelotero. When Miguel signed with the Minnesota Twins for $3.15 million, we knew his story was just beginning.

The prospect of unparalleled access to a potential superstar’s life story was too good to walk away from, and we vowed to dedicate however long it took to make an epic documentary about his rise to the Big Leagues.

In between trips to the Dominican Republic and following Miguel’s Minor League teams through small town America, we directed a second feature documentary: Schooled: The Price of College Sports, and helped produce another: 12 O’Clock Boys. Schooled was picked up by EPIX and broadcast in 2013.  12 O’Clock Boys premiered at SXSW in 2013 and was picked up by Oscilloscope Laboratories for a 2014 theatrical release. Together, we own and operate Guagua Productions, and make character driven films with a subversive edge.


The First Chapter


Ballplayer: Pelotero follows Miguel Sano and Jean Carlos Batista, two sixteen year old Dominican baseball prospects as they navigate competition and corruption to sign a life changing contract with a MLB team.

“Quietly Devastating”

Wall Street Journal


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@moochiepoodle @MNfanfromafar were done filming but still a ways off from release. Years of footage to edit down.

About 4 years ago

With SB50 in the books, baseball season officially starts...at least in our hearts. Two weeks until Twins pitchers and Catchers report.

About 4 years ago

Excited to release our latest directorial effort in conjunction with @ESPNFilms and @adidas. The Fosbury Flop! es.pn/227rAeK

About 4 years ago

@MikeBerardino were waiting on the ROY

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@MyCaribbeanLife the first film following Sano's signing at 16 is out on Netflix. Still working on the follow up.

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